Based in Ozark, Missouri, we provide top-quality roof solutions for hail damage, wind damage, insurance claims, new roofs, and re-roofs in the greater Springfield area, including Ozark, Nixa, Rogersville, Springfield, and Republic. 

We can work with any roofing system and type, including asphalt roofs, flat roofs, steep slope roofs, slate and tile roofs, cedar shake roofs, and more. Our new and restored re-roofs come with a 10-year labor warranty and limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty.


Find a sample of our work below, and contact us if you'd like to consult our roofing and weatherproofing professionals for your project. 


Residential roofing

Hail damage restoration before selling

Ready to sell this home and knowing that a new roof is a great selling point for prospective buyers, this homeowner trusted the professionals at Ninepoints Weatherproofing to make reroof the home after starting an insurance claim. 

Taking the opportunity
to upgrade

With an insurance claim for hail damage, this homeowner chose to upgrade their roof by having Ninepoints Weatherproofing install new, custom skylights while replacing the

hail-damaged roof. 

Working with insurance companies

Filing an insurance claim can be overwhelming. The insurance specialists at Ninepoints Weatherproofing made the process less daunting for these homeowners, whose previous claim had been denied. Working with Chris this time, the claim was approved and the roof and skylights replaced with a 10-year labor warranty and limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

Steep roof replacement

Steep slope roofs require true professionals to maintain top quality safety and product standards. Ninepoints Weatherproofing's roofing experts exceeded the homeowner's expectations to complete this job, including having custom metal fabricated to merge the different roof facets here.

Tying in a flatroof

Shingles are best-suited for steep roofs. Low-pitch roofs are better protected with flatroofing materials. The professionals at Ninepoints Weatherproofing are experts at tying these two roofing systems together. 

No detail left behind

Ninepoints Weatherproofing is meticulous about the details. When we do something, we want it done right – the first time. And we treat each project as if it were our own home. So when we were hired to replace the roof on this home in Republic, we noticed both the doghouse and garden shed in the backyard each had shingles, too. We re-roofed all the structures to ensure quality and consistency.

The ultimate weather protection

Missouri weather is unpredictable, at best. A secondary defense against the potential for ice damming can be found in this premium ice and water shield installed by our weatherproofing experts.

Chimney repairs 

Chimneys are often the culprits for leaks. If improperly flashed and counterflashed, chimneys can lead to leaks, rotten decking, and compromised roofs. 

Ninepoints Weatherproofing professionals exceed the IRC/IBC standards when weatherproofing all walls and protrusions, such as chimneys.

Custom functionality with copper dormer vents

Proper roof ventilation is critical for a home. Ninepoints Weatherproofing partnered with a metal fabricator to crete the copper dormer vents this homeowner desired, and the roofing specialists cut in the dormers to the existing roof. 


Commercial roofing

Metal roof repair

A previously installed metal roof lacked the proper flashing, which led to leaks.


Ninepoints Weatherproofing added the correct flashing to this metal roof, fixing this home's leaking roof. 

Commercial TPO roof repair

An old commercial roofing product was leaking, and our professionals upgraded the inferior product by installing updated TPO. 

Have a project that you don't see here? Contact us and see if we can get it done for you. 

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